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All Things Good

Posted by on June 26, 2014

Hi hi!

I just finished another week of classes. This one was very good. I got an A/A- on my Utopia paper! Whoohoo! (My teachers really like grades that are indecisive.) Oh well. Tomorrow, I go to London for the weekend with my class as a part of a course-trip. We will get to visit the British Film Institute, the Houses of Parliament and various other parts of London related to George Orwell, who’s 1984 we just finished reading. And then Madeline (a housemate) and I are making a separate trip to see Les Miserables at Queen’s Theatre! I’ve never seen this production before, so I am incredibly excited!

Tonight, my house is getting together to celebrate a mate’s birthday and watch the US/Germany game. To be honest, I am very sleepy. We leave bright and early (7:30AM) for London tomorrow, so thankfully the match starts at 5 instead of the usual 11PM.

I am sure my lunchtime pasty had to do with my sleepiness. Pasty’s are like pot-pies wrapped in breaded shells. And they are HEAVEN. My lunchtime pasty was filled with chicken, apples and cornish cider. SO. YUMMY. I love Bath so much.

A short update in lieu of a long weekend. Tata for now!

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