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“Ignorance is Strength.”

Posted by on June 26, 2014

What a load of bologna!

Hey readers. I am healing very nicely in the land of gorgeous scenery, although today I lack a voice, so I figured I can occupy my fingers with updates!

The title of this blog is a reference to the book 1984, which I finally got to read, and boy was it depressing! Brilliant, though, the methods of control Big Brother demonstrated against the public to keep them from defying the order. We spent a great deal of class time arguing why the book was dystopian versus anti-utopian. I believe that, as the land of Engsac was never intended to be utopian, it is a dystopia. I really liked the character of Winston and was sad to see him lose his mind.

We are now reading Brave New World, which is equally as riveting/depressing, if not moreso. I read this book in AP Literature class, but rereading it has reminded me of all the fascinating and disturbing elements that pulled me in four years ago. (What do you mean it’s been four years since high school?!)

In my Jane Austen class, we are reading Emma, and it is almost a unanimous consensus that the class dislikes the title character. I personally wouldn’t mind her if she had a plot in her novel. We are addressing some arguments that make me like it a little bit more- mostly stylistic- but I would say, Emma is my least favorite of the novels we read so far, behind Northanger Abbey, and Pride and Prejudice. We have one more left in this class- Persuasion- which I’ve been told is phenomenal, so I will wait to make my final verdict on the best book.

I got my first grade back on a Jane Austen paper, and it’s complicated. This is what was written on my paper: B++/A-

That second plus is intended. I had my teacher translate that this meant my paper was borderline A-, but my next paper’s improvement (or lack thereof) would determine whether this paper warranted a B++ or an A-. Fantastic. Going over her notes, I mostly concluded she wants me to focus more on why Jane Austen employs some literary devices. And to reference more quotes. Lots more quotes.

I get my first Utopia/Distopia paper back today, so I will let you know how that goes! Today is the last day of class for the week, and then we go to Oxford for the weekend! I am incredibly jazzed for that.

More to come, particularly in the way of photos. Bye bye!


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