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A Dream I Dreamed

Posted by on July 6, 2014

Hey hey!

So, I bet you want to hear what happened in England AFTER Madeline and I ventured off on our own.

WELL, after grabbing a quick lunch, we went to the Queen’s Theatre and saw Les Miserables. I had never seen Les Mis in any form, so to be exposed to it in such a grand form was absolutely breathtaking. The singers were incredible, the stage setup was gorgeous, and all of this, for me, more than made up for the incredibly predictable/depressing plot. Some pictures for you to get jealous!

Madeline, who I appear in a picture with above, was a huge fan of the woman who played Epinine, so we got to pass her a note after the show declaring love for her!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, where did we go next? 221B Baker Street, of course!!!

My Sherlock love soared this day. I was so glad I had the opportunity to go here! It was on a surprisingly normal street. People walked passed as though they didn’t realize this was where BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH stood! Silly people, don’t appreciate what they get to experience every day.

From there, we went and grabbed fish and chips (yummm!) before the trip back to Bath. It was a fantastic weekend! I can’t wait to see what Oxford brings this Wednesday.

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