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Happy Independence Day from England!

Posted by on July 15, 2014

You might assume, inaccurately, that being in England on July 4th might prevent me from celebrating our nation’s independence.

Yet in fact, I was very much the Patriot!

A group of six of us traveled about three miles out of town (because walking is very good for you) and attended a picnic at the American Museum. It turned out to be a Barbeque, with the English-equivalents of hot dogs, burgers and pork, which were much higher quality than what was likely to be found across the pond today.

This picnic was on the side of a hill with a break-taking view. Children were running around carrying long American-flags behind them. The day was cloudy but a gorgeous 73-degrees with a distinct breeze. We took this opportunity to make a photo-op of our patriotism.

In addition to the picnic, they had a live 50s cover-band playing music in one of the buildings! My friend Lisa and I danced for hours to the Twist, Jailhouse Rock and all those goodies! It was a blast! 😀

No fireworks, sadly, but that’s not something you would expect in England. I hope everyone else enjoyed their Fourth of July!

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